The new Charter Communications Headquarters reflects Charter’s service to their customers and community. A lush Plaza between the buildings invites employees and visitors alike to enjoy time outdoors, while a state of the art Auditorium nearby serves as a venue to convene Charter staff and community members. 
The embedded LED lighting of the two activations flows and pulsates, responding in real time to its environment. The generative visuals are informed by commuter train arrivals, freeway traffic flow along I-95, and LiDAR sensor data from the Plaza itself, promoting continuity between the spaces.
ESI Designs tapped NightLight to provide the interactive programming and realtime media development that was key to bringing these activations to life. Following an extended remote development period, NightLight added finishing touches onsite--installing software, calibrating sensors, and ensuring full integration of the design components.

Charter Communications Headquarters, Stamford, CT
ESI Design, an NBBJ Studio Design

NightLight Labs Interactive Programming

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