Step into the joyful, rainbow-colored world of Trolls for a one-of-a-kind musical adventure at Trolls x CAMP. You won’t stop smiling while you play and explore in Bergen Town, Vacay Island, and Troll Forest —all your favorite locations from the Trolls movies brought to life! It all culminates with a wild, interactive car chase (in a living bus thingy called Rhonda)... It’s guaranteed fun for the whole fam!
Universal Pictures and CAMP partnered to celebrate the release of Dreamworks Animation's Trolls Band Together, the franchise's third installment, with an unforgettable immersive experience at CAMP's "Store with the Magic Door" in New York City.
Following the success of Can You Beat The Box for Samsung, CAMP once again tapped NightLight Labs to pull off the experience's most ambitious set piece, a wild, 4-minute interactive thrill ride on the movie's unmistakable "living bus thingy," Rhonda.
NightLight's team of designers, developers, and technical artists went to town crafting this one of a kind attraction, a fully realtime game experience featuring 10 viewing windows, over a dozen control stations with haptic feedback, spatialized 7.1 audio and Counselor PA system, fully synced environmental lighting, and one gigantic Hustle Button.​​​​​​​

CAMP Concept and Producer
NightLight Labs Interactive Ride Design and Development
Bridgewater Project Management, Fabrication, Installation
CAMP 5th Avenue 
New York City - November 2023

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