Technically, no one knows what the CAMP Cube is. And scientists are befuddled as to exactly how (or why) it’s planted itself square in the middle of the CF Sherway Gardens, but there are rumors - people are talking about the Cube. Some say it’s an interactive game show, others say it’s a sci fi comedy adventure, still more are saying it’s a totally original all new family experience perfect for ages four to four hundred - but no one can get a clear read on exactly what it is.
However things shake out — once we figure out what the source of the strange noise emanating from the Cube is and whether or not the thing has a door — CAMP has assured Cadillac Fairview that the CAMP Cube will be “fun”.
Prizes, laughs, and family fun await, inside the CAMP Cube. What is it? Stop asking and step inside! 
NightLight Labs continues its partnership with CAMP (TrollsCan You Beat The Box) to bring this unique vision to reality. The CAMP Cube is a realtime immersive digital environment that transports guests into orbit with a 3-sided wraparound LED display, where they are invited to play a 2-minute game show while the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. The charming robot host B424 is puppeteered live by a backstage performer, allowing guests to interact with the screen character with all the banter and immediacy of a cybernetic Drew Carey.
NightLight provided full game design and development for the experience, including virtual performer control station, spatialized 5.1 audio, fully synced environmental lighting, and a virtual prize wheel to randomly select a prize color for contestants.
CAMP Cube is conceived as a versatile and fully customizable platform for mixed reality performance, spectacle, and exploration of all kinds. "The Fastest Game Show in the Universe" offers an exciting debut for this singular arena.

CAMP Concept and Producer
NightLight Labs Interactive Game Design and Development
Taylor Fabrication and Installation
Cadillac Fairview Sherway Gardens 
Toronto - December 2023

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